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The Slope of our Directions



"Chris brings seven tracks of playful, radiophonic psych-folk - rolled in moss and decorated with crispy autumn leaves. There's an antiquity to the pieces; a timeworn sound that seeps into the unconscious mind like a flicker of light through cracked wood. 

Inspired by folk costumes like those photographed by Charles Freger. Chris sketches improvised, hypnagogic collages that explore his fascination with folk rituals and myths. Out of sync loops appear and disappear, shaping faux natural environments. The ambient scenes stagger and sway, resembling creaking, ancient structures, buzzing rainforests and gargling subaquatic worlds. 

Chris' debut physical release runs through with a hypnotic subtlety; an aleatoric uncertainty and a curious, high-spirited narrative that remains captivating throughout".

Released on cassette and digital on Them There Records, 2nd November 2018

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Self released, digital download, May 2018 

Born out of improvisations recorded when practicing at home. I had recorded so many hours worth that the project I was working on wouldn't allow me to record any more. I needed to draw a line under these recordings but for various reasons I didn't want to release them as they were.  So one day I tried layered the recordings on top of one another. In some cases, the improvisations complimented eachother in a way I could not have designed.  There's a murkiness and crudeness to it all that I really enjoy. It reminded me to enable chance and randomness.